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... A church where learning and living the Word of God is the key focus.  We promote and feature understandable Bible study for people of all ages and abilities.  Our goal is to see members doing ministry—not only from the church building but representing God and responding as He directs in our homes, neighborhoods, schools and places of employment; and seeking the support and cooperation of the congregation as the need arises.  Berea is to be a church that considers living out our faith in our daily lives as much a part of worship as our Sunday celebrations.

... A place where people who "don't like church" can come and find acceptance and reconsider their ideas about "church".  It is to be a fellowship where people with low self-esteem or other social, emotional or mental limitations can find acceptance and encouragement. 

... A place where we help each person to discover his/her part in the ministry through Bible study and personal interaction.  We are to be a church where all ages, from youth to senior citizens, are encouraged to hear and heed God’s call to serve.  

... A church where children will be a significant part of our congregational life.  We are to make a special effort to reach out to children and train and encourage them with the love and wisdom of God.

... A church where relationships to God and each other are the key attraction.  We are to seek to be routinely involved in one another's lives by studying, serving and worshiping side by side.

... A church that values "realness & relevance" in worship over tradition.  That means we seek to use language and music and worship practices that are most effective in communicating the good news about Jesus to the people that we're aiming to reach.

... A church where we learn to walk by faith a little more comfortably because it is to be our way of life.  We are to be a congregation that is not afraid when God calls us to be different.

To God Be the Glory!

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